Mervin Smucker. Clothing styles of the Old Order Amish

The unique garb of the Amish symbolizes nonconformity and remains a distinctive feature of Amish society. Their clothing styles have changed little since regulations were first instituted under Jacob Amman’s leadership over 300 years ago. The women wear ankle-length, full-peasant dresses with aprons. Typical colors include black, blue, brown, and purple. The women also wear white organdy prayer caps at all times. The men wear front-fall pants, no neckties, and coats without lapels. Hats are customarily worn and serve to distinguish the age and status of the wearer. All men grow beards after they marry. The children’s clothing is patterned after that of adults. Hairstyle is specified for both sexes. Nothing of a non-utilitarian value is to be worn, including buttons or jewelry.

Mervin Smucker