Mervin Smucker . How to recover from panic: A cognitive Approach.

Significant recovery from Panic Attacks occurs when you:

  • learn to accurately re-interpret your bodily sensations
  • apply variety of coping techniques when you begin to feel Panic-like symptoms
  • controlled breathing
  • focused breathing
  • brown bag technique
  • de-catastrophizing of symptoms
  • distraction

The Re-Learning Process

  1. Identify the feelings, body sensations, thoughts, and images that occur during a panic attack.
  2. Identify the terrifying thoughts/beliefs you have about panic attacks.
  3. Become educated about the nature of your panic symptoms so that you can learn to more accurately interpret your bodily sensations.
  4. Learn coping techniques (e.g., controlled breathing, distraction) that will reduce your symptoms to a more manageable level.
  5. Conduct experiments that test out the validity of your frightening thoughts and beliefs (e.g. using the Weekly Panic Log)

Mervin Smucker